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      Chart Date/Time Range Selector
         What: When viewing a page, it would be great to have a view date / time range selector that would control the date / time ranges for all the charts on the page.  This would control the range of data show for all charts under that view.  Individual charts could be overridden with custom settings - much like they function today - as part of the default view, if needed.  Each view whould have a default time range set by Orion Admins.  The date / time range could be changed via a selector on the view and would only be in effect while the page was being displayed.  View would return to defaults each time page was visited.

         Why:  When we are in looking at a node, more often than not we are looking because there was an issue.  It would be really helpful if by default, each chart under a view displayed the same date / time range of data - the last 2 hours perhaps.  Then using the view date / time range selector, we could change the range being displayed for all charts all at the same time.  There could be presets like there are now, 2 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 7 days, 1 month and custom ranges.

      Manage Views / Views by Device Type
        What: The ability to see what resources are contained in views and what order they are displayed - both out of box and after customization.  The ability to see views are applied to which device type -  again both out of box and after customization.  The ability to save these settings out as templates

        Why:  Admins with good intentions sometimes change things they should not.  Myself included :)