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    Interface Chart

      Can anyone tell me when graphing a particular interface using this gadget, specifically bandwidth Tx and Rx in what perspective is this?? Is transmit/receive in relation to the host or the switch, in other words is transmit inbound to the interface or outbound?



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          Transmit is from the perspective of the node details page you are on. So if you're on the node details page for your Windows Server and see the TX at 90% that means the server is transmitting at 90% line rate. If you were monitoring the switchport that the Windows server was connected to (say a Cisco switch) when you went to the interface details page on that Cisco device for the interface that Windows server was connected to you would see 90% RX line rate.

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              I get that... but I think you miss my question.


              I'm referring to the Interface Chart in Workspace Studio I'm graphing Tx & Rx bandwidth on a gigabit interface on a Cisco 6500 which feeds a server and trying to understand from what perspective is the Tx & Rx bandwidth.

              Does Tx indicate traffic out to the server or out to the network, same goes for Rx.


              make sense?