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    Incorrect chart selected when editing a resource


      When editing a node chart for the first time the selected chart seems to fall back to the first chart in the list (Average Response Time) instead of remembering the current chart.

      After the Chart settings are updated once, I haven't seen this problem.

      Our preference is to display all charts for the last 24 hours, not the default of Today. I modified the average response time and packet loss chart and Min/Max Average CPU load charts displayed for a VMWare guest. When the Edit Resource page came up both times the chart selected was the first in the list. After saving modifications a subsequent edit did not display this behavior.

      I don't know if this affects only these charts, or any. I attempted to find other graphs elsewhere that would still have the default settings but was unable to locate any. Unless something has snuck under the radar all our other charts have previously been modified to display the last 24 hours so the default values are already changed. Any that had the default timeframe modified did not exhibit this issue.