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    SMTP Round Trip monitor

      I need to set up the Exchange SMTP Round Trip monitor and I need specific instructions. Where would I find those?

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          Hello kevinfricke,

          The first thing you need to do is setup the MAPI client.  Information on how is found here:


          Once this is done, simply select the Device that represents your exchange server within ipMonitor and click "Add -. Add New Monitor".  From the "Mulit-Transactional" section, click "Exchange Round-Trip wizard".  From the select, chose MAPI and click "Next".  Select or create a Credential that points to the Windows domain account that you will be sending the email to.  After you enter the TO and FROM addresses, it will attempt to send an email to your SMTP Server and then retrieve it using the MAPI client.  If the test is successful, the Monitor can be created.

          Hopefuly this helps.


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