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    CBQOS default settings are Ingress


      I have 3 points to make in this posting.

      As probably most customers can attest marking or re-marking your traffic on egress from your WAN Routers is the de facto standard....if you are an enterprise customer. 

      Point 1

      Your tool has QOS setup as everything being a default Ingress setting.  What this effectively means is the the CBQOS drill downs results in no data to be seen and the requirement to change the selection to BOTH or Egress each and every time for every chart element or drill down.  It has no memory of your last selection nor are there any selectable elements.

      Point 2

      On this same topic, the default Component viewable on the main NTA page has these settings:


      You will notice that for Traffic In and Traffic Out there is no data.  Yet when you drill through on an individual component..you will indeed see the traffic.


      I suspect this is some sort of by design decision.

      Point 3

      Lastly the only way I was able to include anything at all about CBQOS on any page at all was by using an IFRAME..there is no selectable stuff nor Reports written etc.  For me the very fact the CBQOS lives in Netflow is weird.  It's a standard MIB that is SNMP pollable and should be available as part of the Universal device poller.  Or IPSLA/VOIP module or something other than NTA.

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          Hello andrewbrill,

          to answer you questions:

          ad 1. You're right we have some default direction settings for views which can't be easily changed. We'll consider this as feature of future version of NTA.

          ad 2. Yes, this is by design. But if you expand these nodes on sources you will see list of interfaces and their traffic in/out, same as on NetFlow Node Details. This is because we show information about current traffic just for interfaces.

          ad 3. You should be able to include CBQoS resources on NTA or NPM interface details view (by customize page). You can't put them on any other view, since we require interface as source. On which page do you want to put it? As for reports, we currently don't provide any, can you give an example what reports would be useful for you? And do you miss some other CBQoS-related functionality?

          Thanks for feedback, we appreciate that!