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    NPM 10.1 RC Issues?


      Anyone installed the NPM 10.1 RC yet?  I installed it this morning, and am seeing an issue with disk volumes.  On a large number of my nodes, the disk volume displays a question mark and is showing up as unknown.   Anyone else seeing this?  If I go into manage nodes, some of the resources show as unknow.  I have tried forcing a rediscover of the node and doing a poll now, but it does not make a difference.  If I do a List resources, it brings up all the resources that are being monitored and the unknown ones are already checked.    Any ideas? 


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            From the post, I'm not sure what's going on, as we've not seen this problem internally or with our beta testing.  The quickest way for us to get the data we need is for you to open a support case, grab diagnostics.  To help, reference this thwack post and support can get me the data as quickly as possible.



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              I think I have seen this problem before in previous versions (except the part of them being displayed in the overview but that might be because those never were above the threshold nor in the top10)...

              It occured for certain changes (not sure which) to the harddrive (maybe name change, size, re-index,etc.), if you just hit submit in the list resources, it should re-add them, rediscovery didnt work for us either. you might also have to delete the old drives but then you lose the history on them

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                problem fixed... support had me run a SQL query that fixed the issue.