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    ISP Customer Portal


      Hi all,

      We have been using Orion NPM in house for some time for monitoring our carrier/ISP network. We would like to begin publishing some of this data to our customers' IT departments (some which have multiple connections and interfaces on our network).

      I've searched around and found a few threads about some folks accomplishing this via custom views, some via directlink and publishing specific URLs only, some via locking user accounts, and some that say its not possible. Our user authentication will be moving to Active Directory with 10.1, so that will be the source of my user accounts. 

      We would want to publish (on node/interfaces as appropriate) Network Atlas map(s), node availability statistics and event summaries, some node graphs and some interface graphs. 

      Those of you using this in similar situations, how are you accomplishing this? What are the pros and cons of various methods? 

      Thanks in advance. 

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          We're looking to do the same thing.

          I was considering a external facing web proxy that passes requests to port 443 on our npm server where isp customers use a unique login to access a limited view of information.

          It seems like that could be a very tedious solution to manage as customer base multiplied by interface, map, node, event, etc grows exponentially.

          Did you ever come up with a feasible solution?

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              Well, we are sort of rolling this out this month. The model is basically: 


              Each customer gets a user account restricted to the interfaces they are interfaced on, and the nodes they have those interfaces on. We created custom views for the Interfaces, Nodes, and summary views, custom toolbars for navigation, and even edited graphics and the CSS to brand the portal. Then we published the whole outfit behind SSL to ensure encryption. 

              There's no easier way to "manage" the nodes/interface, but we are looking to integrate the logins next year with a (hopeful) migration to Netsuite for our business support system - let multiple customer users log in to the netsuite portal and then have it do the passed login off to Orion. This way we keep 1 account per customer. 

              I'd be happy to show you how we did it, drop me a note with your email and we can set something up. 

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                  We are looking to do that

                  I just woun't give customer acces to my NPM in any way.

                  You can get the customer usege from the DB and use  tools like

                  SQL Server Reporting Services or Crystal-Reports to generate graph out of the data.