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    Help with an Orion Move.


      Can anyone help me with an Orion move from one server to the next? I am currently running NPM10, and all the latest versions of APM, NCM, and NTA. I am moving from a 2003 rc2 (32bit) with 4gb of ram and a dual-core 2.0ghz server to a new server with a quad core Xeon 1.6ghz, 12gb of memory and much more storage running Server 2008R2 (64bit). I want to use sql 2008 (64bit) but cannot find any info in the forums on whether compatibility has been achieved with V10, and I would like to migrate my databases from the old sql 2005, into the sql 2008, in order to not lose my historical info. So here is a simple list of what I need help with:


      1:Checking compatibility of latest versions and Server 2008R2 64bit

      2:Checking compatibility of latest versions and SQL 2008 (32 or 64bit)

      3: Migrating my configs from  one server to the next.

      4: Migrating my Databases from sql 2005 to sql 2008


      Any help would be appreciated on this.