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    Right click menu + https


      Hi All,

      Has anyone managed to setup a 'Secure Web Browse' on the right click menu?

      We have a lot of systems that are https (Cisco WLC's for instance) and its REALLY annoying to click web browse and Esc and edit the web address to https://

      I have added:
      <MenuOption Visible="TRUE" Title="Secure Web Browse" BeginGroup="FALSE" HasSubMenu="FALSE" ExecString="C:\Program Files\Internet Explore\iexplore.exe https://${IP}" Icon="WEBBROWSE" Extra="" Parent="" Required="4"/>

      to the swtoolset.menuoptions file on my PC but it doesnt show up....

      I have ssh via putty setup and working so basically copied the line and amended the exec string.

      Any ideas anyone??