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    SNMP RW not working as expected between NPM and IOS

      Forgive if this gets double-posted. I can't seem to locate my original attempt....

      I am trying out IP SLAmanager, and need to add read-write strings to my gear to let IPSLAM do it's thing. I add the snmp community RW string to my IOS just fine (2960 switch), leaving the existing RO string in place.

      But when I edit the object in NPM and "validate" the snmp, it fails if the new RW string is in the RW field (and the RO field is empty). Strangely, it succeeds if I put that same new string in the RO field in NPM.

      If I leave my old RO string in the RO field in NPM and put in the RW string as well, the test succeeds, but I get the feeling it's only testing the RO string and not the RW, since I'm unable to get IPSLAM to work propery under those circumstances.

      Any advice appreciated.


      Matt (mattand666)