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    Node volume space summary


      Is there a way with Orion Report Writer, or something else that will allow me to summarize the volume space, used and available by node?  Instead of seeing a node and the space for each volume, I need to see the node with volume space info summarized for all volumes.



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          I think you should be able to do something like this using report writer.  Just to make sure I understand, can you be more specific with what you want as far as "volume space info summarized for all volumes" is concerned?

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              So I have a node that has three different volumes, C:, E:, F:

              I currently have a report that shows as follows:

              Node name       volume          space      spaceused      spaceavailable
                                      C:\                  20gb         12gb                  8gb
              NTLNODE1        E:\                  20gb         15gb                  5gb
                                       F:\                  40gb         10gb                 30gb


              What I need to see is this:

              NTLNODE1         --                  80gb          37gb                43gb

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                  Dump this into an Advanced SQL report and it should give you what your are looking for, space measured in GB's. I just used 'Fixed Disk' as my filtering criteria, but you can add more filtering to the 'Where' clause as you see fit.

                  Select Nodes.Caption AS Node,
                  Substring (Volumes.Caption,1,3)  AS Volume,
                  ROUND(Volumes.VolumeSize/1073741824,1) AS VolumeSizeGB,
                  ROUND(Volumes.VolumeSpaceUsed/1073741824,1)  AS GBUsed,
                  ROUND(Volumes.VolumeSpaceAvailable/1073741824,1) AS GBAvailable
                  From Nodes, Volumes
                  Where Nodes.NodeID = Volumes.NodeID
                  AND Volumes.VolumeType = 'Fixed Disk'
                  Order By Nodes.Caption, Volume