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    profiler cim_error_failed

      I have the profiler agent installed on an EMC CX4-480, and it is not collecting any data. Is there a way to reset the profiler agent on the SAN? Or is there any literature on "CIM_ERROR_FAILED"

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          CIM_ERROR_FAILED is a pretty general error, was there anything else associated with it?  Since it is a CX4-480, it could be that the password to the Provider has expired.  To check/change it:


          1)  Go to https://<ip of the provider>:5989/ecomconfig

          2)  Username should be admin, password is #1Password

          3)  At that point it should ask for a new password, enter one in and save

          4)  Click the wrench for the Clariion in Profiler, make sure the password matches the new one.

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            1) Are you getting the "CIM_ERROR_FAILED" when you use the "TEST" button in the Configure Device window for the CX4-480 within Storage Manager or do you see it in one of the logs on the Agent?


            2) Are you monitoring Mutiple arrays with the same SMI Provider?  One of our Clariion's SP Management Services was causing the ECOM process to hang and not collect data for it and some of the other arrays being monitored by the same ECOM instance.  Once we Restarted the management service on the SP the ECOM process would complete monitoring on all arrays.