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    NTA 3.7 not recognizing Netflow data


      Netflow is configured on two Nexus 7000 chassis identically but NTA 3.7 is only recognizing Netflow data from one Nexus chassis but not the other. Wireshark capture on Orion server shows Netflow packets coming in on proper UDP port. Has anyone seen this behavior?

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          Hi wfleitz,

          the most usual cause of a similar problems that we have seen was in MS or third party firewall in place which blocked the packets (wireshark operates on lower level then software firewall so it is still able to capture incoming packets).

          Try to disable any possible FW, or temporarily disable netflow on the non-problematic Nexus router, open performance monitor (perfmon.exe) on collecting box and add all Solarwinds NetFlow counters and if you cannot see anything here, it means that collecting service is not receiving any packets (again most probably because of some another SW blocking the packets).