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    Un- Compacting a database ?

      We had and test and so captured bandwidths for two weeks,  three weeks later we went back and tried to retieve the inforantion again, and what showed up was just a mark or blip on the screen for each day, before it looked like a nice "EKG"  no it appears that that Data for that time frame has bee Compacted.


      If I get  a bandwidth chart from say, yesterday or with in the last two weeks , there is accurate band width, but if I include 3 weeks , in my capture, the third week looks flat!

      So I expect this is due to compression which keeps the data base small.

      How do I go back and get that third or forth week to come up nice in a chart again, for a particular interface or trunk, etc.?

      I have the SolarWinds Orion NPM Administrators Guide, but can't find how to "deCompress" data for a particulare interface after Data Compression Maintenance has taken place...



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          This is not due to compression, it's due to consolidation.  Orion (like most other NMS systems) is designed to consolidate data over time to keep the database from growing out of control.

          The settings on how frequent data is consolidated can be configured in the webUI Admin --> Polling Setting, under there you will see Detailed Statistics Retention, Hourly Statistics Retention, and Daily Statistics Retention.  Keep in mind that storing too much data at too detailed of a level can cause database performance issues.

          When detailed data is consolidated into hourly data it grabs one data-point for the min, max, and average for each hour and only keeps that, the same thing when it does daily consolidation.

          As far as I am aware there is no good way to recover this data.

          The other thing you can do is adjust your Sample Interval in the graph you are viewing to match the data that is being retained for the longer time frame, probably set it to one hour and things will look better.  However, this doesn't change the data that is being retained, you need to do the above mentioned process for that.