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    Alert state/status


      I have alerts setup for business hours and after hours and I am looking for a field I can use in my alerts definition such that if a device goes down in business hours and is still down when the after hours alert kicks in another alert is not triggered...

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          Andy McBride

          You could use a simple alert to change a custom property when a node is down in the 10 minute window prior to after hours and add that custom property as a factor in the advance alert.

          Create "suspended" custom prop

          Simple alert  = from 3:50 to 4:00 if down change custom prop to suspended = true.

          After hour advanced alert add condition to "all" group condition, custom prop not = suspended (suspended not = true)

          The only part of this I have not tested is transitioning back to the custom prop = false using a node status = up simple alert. The concern is that it may flood your alert log because most nodes will be in up state every time it is run.