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    Import Active Directory accounts


      I originally added 3 Orion's to test EOC but I did not select the above option (since I did not understand the concept). Since then I went back and modified one of the Orion's and changed this option to Yes and updated server.

      Now what?

      How is this different than searching for a user in the Windows Individual account?

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          The process should work like this: 

          1. go to settings -> views and menu bars - add a new user

          2. choose individual or group (they work the same way) and you'll see this screen - slightly different for each, functionality is the same though: 

          3. choose a name to search for - and enter the domain admin credentials to access the list of AD accounts. To do this, your credentials will need to be a administrator - member of the DomainAdmins group.

          4. on the next screen, you'll see all the AD accounts that are available to be imported. Choose the ones you want. 

          5. all of these users will be given accounts in EOC. 

          Functionality that Orion is currently working on will make it so those newly imported accounts will (optionally) automatically sync up with their Orion AD accounts, so those users will automatically have rights into those Orions from EOC.