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    CBQoS Policy Questions


      I am running NTA 3.6 and have just deployed a H-QOS policy on a Netflow enabled Cisco device and I must say I am very impressed with the CBQoS features of NTA.

      My Policy looks as follows:
      policy-map PARENT
       class parent1
        shape xxx
        service-policy child1
       class parent2
        shape yyy
        service-policy child2

      policy-map child1
       class ONE
        bandwidth percent 10
       class TWO
        bandwidth percent 15


      So, to the questions:

      1. The 'CBQoS Policy details' resource shows a percentage for each class, I assume this is a percentage of the interface speed, in my case could this be made to be a percentage of the shaped speed (xxx or yyy)?

      2. In the Graphs - CBQoS Pre/Post-Policy Class Map it shows my CM parent1 as well as my CM one and CM two. In my case parent1 is the combined total of CM one and CM two, the graph doesn't seem to understand this.
      Can we possibly build this so we can select the policy to display and only show that level. Eg, if I display PARENT the graph will only display CM parent1 and CM parent2. Then perhaps drill into another page of the sub-policy?

      3. I realise I am a version behind, has this all been done in 3.7?