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    Is there a way to test Last Boot to "Today's Date" (variable)?


      Presently, there is a known bug in the hot-standby engine that will trigger false positive reboot alerts (if enabled) when the engine fails back to the primary poller.  We have found through troubleshooting the Last Boot value is a date in the past when the device was rebooted.  To workaround the bug, all we need to do is add a trigger condition "Last Boot is equal to Today's Date" to the "Alert me when a node reboots" alert. 

      That sounds simple, right?  NOPE.  I'm pulling my hair out.  Unless I'm missing it, in creating an alert trigger, you can only test Last Boot to specific dates by selecting a specific day from the calendar drop-down.  If you click Today's Date at the bottom of the calendar it substitutes the value of the current date (ex., 9/25/2010), not the variable for Today's Date (i.e., ${DateTime}.  Any thoughts how to do this?  Is this a bug? Were running v9.1.  Is this fixed/possible in v10?