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    Custom Netflow View



      I have 18 branches all sending netflow back to my Orion server over MPLS network. I'd like to create some kind of report that shows the traffic that is going directly between my branches. I don't want to see traffic going from Branch -> HQ location. Any easy way of doing this? Thanks!

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          You could do this by setting up IP address groups for your locations and reporting on the netflow data that way.

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              Forgive me,

              I'm not too familiar with what you're referring to.

              I created 1 big IP group with all my branch Subnets in it (eighteen in total), but when I go to that group, I am seeing traffic from those branches to the HQ location. I ONLY am concerned about traffic going between the branches directly. thanks in advance.

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                  I am not sure I understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish but it would probably help to create 18 ip groups, one for each subnet. 

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                      Hi rtjensen4,

                      Actualy it is not currently possible to apply excluding filter for IP group - so if you will create IP groups for all your branches and one for your HQ location, you will not be able to filter out the communication to HQ location.

                      So the solution in your case (as suggested by wrodenbusch) is to create IP groups for all your branches (one for each), and delete or disable IP group for HQ (and all other IP groups containing HQ or branches beside the ones you just created).