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    Some info required by Cisco


      Hey techies.

      So, here's the skinny...

      ORION NPM is showing one of our Cisco ASA's dropping packets by the millions per day.  I keep the "Top 10 Errors and Discards This Hour" as part of my Orion home page, and it clearly shows Receive Discards by the tens of thousands every hour on every interface in this particular ASA... one of four in our environment.  It's the only one with the discard issue, though.

      FYI, the outside interface of the ASA is directly connected to a fast port on a cisco 2950, both sides set to 100Full... while the inside interface is directly connected to a gig port on a cat 4506, and whether set to gigFull or left to auto/auto (which resolves to gigFull), the discards persist.  The management int also connects to a fast 3750, set to 100Full, and plenty of errors there also.

      I opened a ticket with TAC to help troubleshoot the issue, and have provided all manner of output and screenshots.  However, I'm now being asked for this info:

      ... does the snmp agent in Orion use 32 or 64 bit counters?

      ... what mib's (oid's) is Orion using to generate this output?

      I am unfamiliar with how to locate this info.  Thanks kindly for any pointers in the right direction.