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    Summary Page - Click Through


      It may just be me being new to the product, but...

      when you click on a subnet in the list on the summary page, you would expect as with all other NPM links it to take you to the subnet in the manage list or indeed open it up for edit.. however when i click on these links it just takes you to the 'manage subnet IP address' page, the section on the right is blank, and all the subnets are listed on the left.

      Why is it not showing the subnet i selected?

      Then I thought i would try a search from the 'manage subnet IP address' , searched for subnet it brought up the search results screen, i ticked and clicked on the results and again it took me through to a blank screen..

      Is this correct or am I having a senior momment..

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          Are you saying you don't see anything in the frame on the right but the subnet structure is shown on the left frame? If so, it sounds like you don't have any individual addresses added to the subnet. If you click through the manage subnets, do you see any IP addresses in the frame on the right?

          When you click on a subnet (either through search or from a resource which lists subnets on the summary page), it should take you to that specific subnet in the Manage Subnets page. It sounds like that is working as expected, you just don't see any individual addresses.

          Let me know what you find.