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    New method of refreshing the screen


      So I am not even sure how to exactly explain this, so if I need to clarify my random thoughts, let me know.

      First, I am wondering if it would be possible to refresh the different elements on a page independently of each other?  It seems like this would be more efficient as orion would only need to refresh the stale elements.  For example, on the NPM Summary page, the elements would be All Nodes, All Triggered Alerts, Event Summary, Search nodes, Map, Last 25 Events.  It would also somewhat eliminate the annoying behavior of looking at data on a page and all of a sudden the entire page refreshes.

      Second, I'd like to take this further and a bit more granular.  Let's only refresh the actual data values and have real time charts / guages instead of just bitmaps.  Then the screen never needs to refresh.

      Third, using something like Dundas Charts (http://www.dundas.com/Components/Products/Chart/NET/Features/AJAXFeatures.aspx) to let us get all crazy with charting. :)