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    IPAM 1.7 DHCP Error


      The upgrade from IPAM 1.6 to 1.7 was smooth and without issue.  Subnet scans have not frozen as before.


      But, just noticed this error when I attempted to scan a DHCP Server.  Has anyone seen this before?


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          This might happens because some scopes has been deleted from DHCP server. Please verify which scopes do not longer exists on that DHCP server and remove those scopes from IPAM.

          Please be aware that scope subnet will be also deleted unless you uncheck 'Remove corresponding subnets'.

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              If a scope is removed from the DHCP Server, does IPAM have any mechanism to detect that a scope has been deleted and act upon it?  Either with a warning and prompt to remove the DHCP Scope from IPAM or the ability to ignore it?

              What exactly is the IPAM mechanism with dealing with deleted scopes from a DHCP Server?

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                  IPAM ignores if DHCP scope is removed from server. You can identify such scope by 'last update' value.

                  However, there was a bug in 1.6 and older IPAM versions which might have stored unexpected value in database for deleted scopes and after upgrade IPAM 1.7 is crashing on that values. So fix I have described above is one time fix and after cleaning those scopes IPAM will work as expected - i.e. ignoring deleted scopes on DHCP server and work without error.

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                      If someone such as me or another user with 500+ scopes over multiple dhcp servers, what is the process to easily identify and remove dhcp scopes from IPAM that have been deleted from the dhcp server?

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                          I have just created SQL command which will find scopes you need to remove in order to fix your issue:

                          SELECT IPAM_Group.FriendlyName as ServerName, IPAM_DhcpScopeDetails.FoundAddress as ScopeAddress
                          FROM IPAM_DhcpScopeDetails
                          INNER JOIN IPAM_DhcpServerDetails ON IPAM_DhcpScopeDetails.NodeId = IPAM_DhcpServerDetails.NodeId
                          INNER JOIN IPAM_Group ON IPAM_Group.GroupId = IPAM_DhcpServerDetails.GroupId
                          LEFT JOIN IPAM_DhcpScopeIPRanges ON IPAM_DhcpScopeIPRanges.ScopeId = IPAM_DhcpScopeDetails.ScopeId AND IPAM_DhcpScopeIPRanges.RangeType = 2
                          WHERE IPAM_DhcpScopeIPRanges.ScopeId IS NULL

                          You have to:

                          • start Solarwinds Database Manager (or SQL Server Management Studio)
                          • locate and double click IPAM_DhcpScopeDetails table
                          • hit query button
                          • delete text and paste SQL from above
                          • press refresh button

                          Here is screen-shot of this: 



                          Another way which might work (haven't tested it yet) is to go to DHCP Scope Monitoring, chose no grouping and then sort by column 'Last Update'. Scopes which have been deleted will have older update time.

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                              Roman -


                              Thanks for the script.  Our NPM Administrator and SQL DBA ran the script and the first time it reported back with 1 dhcp scope which then I deleted.  The script was then run again and this time no scope's were displayed.  I am still receiving this error when I attempt to scan a dhcp server.


                              I opened SW ticket # 188951 but highly appreciate your continued input until resolution.


                              Thank you,