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    Beta 3 - Multiple Interface Chart - Feature Request


      I've added a could of these charts and they work great, what would put the icing on the cake would be the ability to be able to rename the interface names just for use within the chart.

      At the moment I have a graph that displays 4 interfaces on our WAN that connects a couple of our sites together these are named n3-li-s-04-pilhsp-33 GigabitEthernet1/0/25 · CRITICAL link to  Skegness SW43 n3-li-s-03-skehsp-43 GE1/0/25 , our WAN is managed by BT but we have SNMP access to the devices. For us techies we know exactly what the title describes but to use these charts for management views (which were being asked for) it would be good to be able to change it to Pilgrim to Skegness Outbound Traffic or something along those lines but only make the change in the chart the actual interface description isn't touched. 

      Is this something that could be worked on for a future upgrade to this feature?