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    Endpoints Vs Receivers

      Hi,  i am confused about the usage of Endpoints Vs Receivers in the Top N report?  What is the differences about Endpoints Vs Receivers?

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          Hi hanlu,

          Shortly say - Endpoints resource is not directional, it displays both - Transmitters and Receivers (so it also duplicates communicated data by design).

          So by short example - if we would have the following communications:

          from to bytes
          A  -> B   10
          B  -> A   10
          C  -> A   10

          Then Top Endpoints, Transmitters and Receivers would look like this:

          A   30
          B   20
          C  10

          A  10
          B  10
          C  10

          A  20
          B  10


          Let us know if more clarification is needed, or if you are not able to suit your needs with this behavior