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    getting error when assigning parent subnets to IPs imported from .xls file in IPAM


      I have installed Orion IPAM module. I am facing issue. When i try to import IPs from .xls file, it import IPs but show me the message that "IPs are imported successfully but you cant see it until you assign Parent subnets to it"  Now when i go to link to assign Parent subnets to these IPs, i got message

      " IPAM information service is required which is unavailable"

      Under it it shows possible hints like,

      "local server access on port 17777 is blocked by firewall"

      "Net tcp port sharing service might be stopped"

      "IPAM information service might be stopped"

      .................................error in DB column etc etc etc..................

      Now i hav verified all.....I am able to telnet localserver on port 17777 meaning no issue.....I am able to see Net tcp port sharing service and IAPM information service installed and started successfully meaning no issue....I dont have any firewall / antivirus enabled on this machine meaning no issue.

      So where is the issue??? if IPAM is installed propoerly and IPs are also imported without error, then why its not allowing me to do so and display IPs in Managind IPs and Subnets tag. If any one need to see snapshot, i will paste it.

      **In addition, i would like to inform that i  m also using Orion NPM, Netflow & NCM module on same machine and those are working fine so no Db issue seems to me.***

      hope to see a quick reply on this