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    Beta 3 - Custom Summary Issue


      Tried to edit a custom summary and getting this error:

      Orion Website Error
      The Orion website is currently unable to display this page. Orion polling and alerting services often continue running, though this page cannot be displayed. Please take the following steps to attempt to alleviate the issue:

      Log in to the website again and navigate to another Orion page, allowing you to isolate the error to this page.
      Ensure the Orion services are still running.
      Check that your SQL Server is still running and accessible.
      Please notify SolarWinds of this error. We will address and help you fix the issue.

      Your specific error is:

      Page.IsValid cannot be called before validation has taken place. It should be queried in the event handler for a control that has CausesValidation=True and initiated the postback, or after a call to Page.Validate

      The custom summary graph was "VM CPU Consumption" and no data was being displayed.  We have another Custom Summary chart configured for "Network Latency and Packet Loss" and it is showing data.  We are also able to edit that chart.

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          Are you trying to add IVIM ESX Server resource as Custom Object resource to Summary view?

          If yes, then this is not supported in the current version.

          To fix things, you will need to go to Admin, Customize View and remove the failing resource from the view.

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              Martin - yes, we were trying to use the VM CPU Consumption, which is an ESX resource.  Thanks for the fix!

              You stated it is not supported in this version - did you mean the beta build or the final release version?  If the answer is the final release version, then I'd suggest the resources be filtered to show only the allowed resource types that are supported.

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                  In final release there will be support for virtualization resources implemented but it might be not all of them will make it. You are right that resources that are not supported cannot be part of selection list, that's a bug and we are working on a fix.


                  Thanks for your feedback,
                  Vaclav Sablik
                  SlarWinds Developer