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    Alerting from custom poller table

      My particular custom poller applies to the Cisco CSS (Load Balancer) and monitoring the status (state) of Service(s).

      I use (see below) one OID for the Names table and a second OID for the status of said services

      Service Name OID

      Service State OID

      I can apply the status OID to a CSS node in Orion and then inform it to also use the Names OID to assist in correlating the data

      And when I open Node Details on the CSS; it looks Great!  A full listing of all service names and their current status.

      However, I am not sure how to trigger an alert based on a particular service name?

      It seems I can only base my trigger action on the existance of a name in the OID table OR the existance of a status state in the other OID. 

      I do not see how I could only trigger if one particular service was down, etc.  Any ideas?






      Example of Poller Table:


      CSS Service(s) State


      CSSsvcState - LabelCSSsvcState
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          Hi Mike--

          If you don't hear from the community, open a support ticket.


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            From Tech Support:


                    Unfortunately triggering an alert based on a single service going 'down' with this Custom Poller is not possible at the moment.
            To trigger on a single service going down would require an alert trigger based on the contents of the CustomPollerLabels table as this is where the names of the services are stored. Creating a trigger condition based on the value of a label is not currently possible.
            Example extract from CustomPollerLabels table:
            CustomPollerAssignmentID                RowID                                           Label
            10dbd6d0-947d-4437-9ab6-6d6beea760b7 apache11-ssl1
            10dbd6d0-947d-4437-9ab6-6d6beea760b7 apache11-ssl2
            These are used in NPM to create the labels for custom poller status' in the Web Console table.
            This is why it is listed on your Orion NPM as 'CSSsvcState - Label' and 'CSSsvcState' on the table view. Orion NPM does not see the value of 'CSSsvcState - Label' as being a service that can go up/down, but simply as a label for the custom poller. The variable status of the Custom poller is the 'CSSsvcState', and this is what can be alerted on.
            The only Custom Poller trigger conditions can only trigger based on the contents of the CustomPollers and CustomPollerStatus tables. As the label is not stored in either of these tables it cannot be used as a trigger condition.
            This will be possible in a future release of Orion as Advanced Alerts is a feature that is currently being developed. The Advanced Alert will allow you to create alerts based on the contents of any table.
            So what’s on tap next for Orion NPM
            I will also forward this to the development team as a feature request, as the more requests for features, the more priority is put on the development of those features.