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    New Install-Orion 10, New SQL 2008. SQL Questions


      Two servers, both are new.

      What do I need to do on each server to ensure that my OrionCollector will contact and send info to the dedicated Sql 2008 server.

      There is mention of sysadmin, dbcreator, security admin, etc, etc in the docs

      From the install notes I see that I need to

      " create a local user on collector and install NPM as that user" for NPM 10 install.

      Nothing is mentioned what I need to do on my sql 2008 side.  Just wizard, wizard. Aghhh!


      1)  Do I need to create that same local user on my SQL 2008 box that I created on my orionNPM collector box?

      2)  Do I need to do anything inside sqlserver Mgt studio prior to running the wizard?

      I have looked all over for some more detailed docs with new install of V10 and sql 2008, without any good results.