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    Netflow on Nexus 7018

      Hi, I configured netflow on a Nexus 7018 using information I found in another post and also the Cisco documentation. Problem is I can only apply it to layer 3 VLAN's and not any specific interfaces. So obviously I am not doing something correctly to enable it for a layer 2 interface. Does anyone have any experience configuring a layer 2 interface for netflow on a Nexus 7000 series?




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          For other people who might have a similar problem and run across this thread, as of NTA 3.10.0 we still do not have support for layer 2 netflow. Below is a sample config, but our collector will simply discard these flows. It's something we are considering but are not working on at this time.


          flow record nxos-rec-l2

          description Layer-2-Flow-Record

          match datalink mac source-address

          match datalink mac destination-address

          collect counter bytes

          collect counter packets