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    enable password incorrect

      I am using Kiwi CatTools v3.5 and am trying to do config backups.  I have 4 devices that are failing the same thing.  All 4 of these devices are accessed via a chassis CAT OS device.  I can backup the chassis devices just fine.  I can telnet from the chassis devices to the problem devices just fine.  But when I initiate a backup config, I get incorrect enable password error.  Any ideas ???  Thanks !!

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          Steve Welsh


          Have you setup your 4 failing devices with the 'Connect Via' field value set to the Cat OS device?

          ( see the Connect Via section on the following help page for more information: http://www.kiwisyslog.com/help/cattools/pan_devicesadddeviceinfo.htm )

          Basically, you'd need to add your CatOS chassis as a 'Cisco.Switch.CatOS' device setting the 'Connect Via' field to 'Direct Connect'.  

          Then add a new device in CatTools for each of your 4 'end' devices you are connecting too, using the correct device type (so for example, if the end devices are using Cisco IOS, then use the Cisco.Switch.IOS or Cisco.Router.General device types (depending on what the 'end' devices are).

          Hope this helps,


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              Good morning Steve,

              Yes, I am using the connect via for all of the devices.  I believe, if I remember correctly, that these 4 devices were working before I upgraded to 3.5.  Another piece of info., these 4 devices are all connecting through Cisco 5500 series devices.  That may not make any difference, however.  Actually, I just verified that I pulled successful config. backups on 9/3/2010.  I am the only one who manages this system and NO changes have made since then, other than upgrading to 3.5.  Thanks and have a great day !!