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    Calling all Customer - Orion NPM vNext Beta Available


      Orion NPM vNext Beta is available.  If you are an active customer on maintenance, send me a PM via thwack or post here and let me know if you are interested.  You can find more details on the features available to test and give feedback on below as well as any additional requirements.


      • Stack Interface & UnDP Charts 
        •  Ability to place one of more interfaces or a UnDP assigned to multiple nodes/interfaces onto a single chart
      • Active Directory authentication integration with group support
        • Ability to authenticate users into Orion using their individual AD account, based on their membership in an AD group, or using native Orion authentication (same as today)
      • Dependencies 2.0 / Basic Root Cause Analysis
        • Ability to define dependency relationships within the Orion web console.  For example, if this parent node or interface goes down, then mark all items defined as children as “unreachable” instead of “down”.   This effectively suppresses alerts on all children objects while still allowing you to use your existing alerts configured on “down” status.
        • New state called “unreachable” for elements which are children to a parent device or interface that has gone down
        • Allows parent and children to be defined using groups (see below).   For example, objects in the “Site A” Group are dependent on the WAN link being up
      • VMware infrastructure monitoring
        • Visibility into the vCenter, DataCenter, and Cluster levels (in addition to ESX host and VM guest visibility already provided)
      • Dynamic Service Level Groups
        • Ability to select multiple Orion objects (statically or using a dynamic query) even of different types (e.g. nodes, interfaces, applications, groups) and group them into a container that can be used to visualize status and for configuring "service level" alerts
        • Ability to see Groups at the summary and details view levels
        • Ability to set Group level status as worst (worst status rolls up), mixed (yellow unless all objects are green, or all or red), or best (best status rolls up for high avail/hot backup scenarios)
        • Ability to alert on Group status
      • Ability to PDF Reports and Web Console Views via Report Schedule
        • Send Orion Web Console Views or Report Writer Reports as PDF attachment to Orion users email account
      • Cisco UCS Support (Unified Computing System)
        • Dynamically maintain the logical relationships from operating system through virtual guest and host to the Cisco UCS blade  and chassis
        • View the status of the UCS chassis hardware, such as fans and PSU’s
      • Meru Wireless Controller Support
        • First class support for the Meru Wireless Controllers
        • See Controller and Thin AP stats along with connected client information
      • Ability to create custom SQL advanced alerts
        • Just like in Report writer, you can use SQL to create advanced alerts you cannot create through the built-in trigger creation interface
      • Mobile Alert View
        • A dedicated alert view made for mobile web browser to allow you to view and acknowledge alerts from your phone
      • Node and interface details on Summary Views
        • Ability to quickly and easily add any resource from node details and interface details to Summary views
      • Enable, disable, and delete Advanced Alerts in the web console
      • Notes on alerts
        • Ability for users to add notes to alerts in the web console
      • Acknowledge Alerts via link in email alerts
        • Receive an email alert notification and directly from your email whether on your PC or mobile device, acknowledge that alert by clicking on a link
      • Platform Support  
        • SQL 2008 R2 


      A couple requirements:

      • Must be an NPM customer on active Orion maintanance
      • Must NOT put on your production server, must install on another VM or Server
      • Support for beta is provided via beta forum only i.e. you cannot call Support on beta
      • No upgrading from beta to beta or beta to RC