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    Events Monitoring Modification

      Hi Everyone,

      Is Event modification possible,

      Currently I receive different types of Events under Last Events, but I need to monitor a particular Event type only.

      Is it possible that I can better manage the Event Screen.

      May be if possible to filter unwanted types of Events (with an auto page refresh option enable so that I do not need Refresh everytime).



      Thanks in advance

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          if you want more than one type of event, maybe a custom report? :)

          you have to use the report writer on the orion server for that

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              Thanks for your quick response, however I am talking from the Realtime Monitoring perspective, where events keep coming but action is required on a particular type of alarm only (i.e. Node Down)

              Please help


              Thanks in advance

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                  I dont get what you want.. you want to alarm on a specific event and send an email?

                  because the report writer would be "real-time" just like the events view everytime the website automatically refreshes, you can either put the report as a resource on the node details view and even filter it on those specific nodes or just view the whole report anywhere you choose!

                  if thats not what you want, post a screenshot of what comes closest to what you want and show on the screenshot what exactly you want to accomplish

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                      Hi again,

                      I am not sure of what you are talking about coz. may be I haven't used the Report Writer. Also I am new to Solarwinds NPM itself. However I will try to explain my requirement once again.

                      I need to monitor Node Down Events of managed nodes for which I have enabled the option to trigger an alert in "Configure Advance Alerts" option of "Solarwinds System Manager Application" as I do enrich these alarms with some other required informaiton.

                      Also I had configured "Last Events" option in Home page of my Solarwinds Portal which a team keeps monitoring 24x7 and log tickets for Node Down events.

                      But there are so many types of events which are enabled by default which is not required as per above requirement. I could not found any medium to configure (enable / disable / modify) events in NPM 9.5.1

                      May the above information is helpful and clears my requirement.


                      thanks for all your efforts.

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                          I think you need to be a bit more clear with your objective.  You say that you want to " monitor Node Down Events of managed nodes"; however "monitor" is a nebulous term can can mean many different things. 

                          The question is HOW do you want to monitor (or be alerted on) those node down events (e.g.  Dashboard Element, Email, etc)?  If you can clearly answer that question I am sure myself or somebody else here in the forums can help you.

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                            It does sound like you want a report from the report writer and use it in a view.

                            On the server, just open the Report Writer and play around with it a bit... it always comes in handy!

                            then open the admin guide pdf and search for report writer to get more usage infos about report writer, then search for report in view either in the admin guide, on thwack or on solarwinds (I think there is even a video that shows how to do it somewhere).

                            I could write that report for you but its easy to do and the report writer will always come in handy for you!