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    Custom SQL reports in NCM - would be REALLY NICE


      I'd love to be able to write custom SQL reports in NCM.  I am trying to get a list of routers that have switchcards in them.  When I run the built-in report for this, there are multiple lines per entry for each node and I can't filter on the specific type of card I am looking for::::

      My SQL looks like this:

      , n.MachineTypeselect
      , n.MachineType
      , cc.CardDescr
      , cc.HWVersion
      , cc.Slot
      from Cisco_cards cc JOIN Nodes n on n.NodeID=cc.NodeID
      where cc.carddescr like '%FE Swi%' OR
       cc.carddescr like '%Ethernet%'
       cc.CardDescr NOT like '%Motherboard%' AND
       cc.carddescr NOT like '%CEF720%' AND
       cc.carddescr NOT like '%1000mb%'
      ORDER BY n.MachineType