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    Traps Gone Wild?


      In working with SolarWinds support it was suggested to me that the size of our TrapVarbinds table in the database is much too large and could be causing problems.  Because of this I started to take a look and this is what I found...

      Traps Table

      Row count: 510,983

      Data space: 65.633 MB

      TrapsVarbinds Table

      Row count: 26,198,339

      Data space: 2,665.656 MB


      While I agree the TrapsVarbinds table is large, it seems like it's overly large for only having 510,983 traps in the database.  We do collect a good number of traps but it seems like this quantity of traps shouldn't be a problem for a monitoring system.  Our previous monitoring system had far less resources than our Orion system and never had a problem with this.

      I am wondering if I am missing something here.  Any thoughts or suggestions here would be greatly appreciated.

        • Re: Traps Gone Wild?

          It would seem that my Trapvarbinds table had run wild with stale data that wasn't getting removed.  I was able to truncate the table and then shrink the database to resolve the immediate issue.

          I still have concerns about the system not being able to handle a good sized database.