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    "License limitation doesn't fit orion license!" - Need help upgrading NTA license from SL500 to SL2000


      After upgrading from NPM v9.5.1 to v10, I attempted to upgrade NTA from 3.6 to v 3.7. I ran the setup file I downloaded from the customer portal, everything seemed to have installed smoothly until I noticed messages in the even log stating "License limitation doesn't fit orion license!".  I checked the NTA license status & it is still saying SL500. 

      My assumption was that the NTA license would be upgraded in the same way that I upgraded the NPM, just download the setup file from the customer portal & run it.

      I checked the Orion NTA Administrator Guide, reviewed the installation & upgrade steps, I see where it says I should input the Licensing information on the "Activate Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer window".  I really don't remember seeing that prompt during or after running the setup file.