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    HTTP Monitor


      Hi All,

      Looking for a suggestion for a problem I'm having. I have a website that uses two services to run on a windows system. I was monitoring them but i found it didnt always catch my site outages - So i added an HTTP monitor to watch the sites main page.

      It has caught a couple of downtimes on the website - but over the weekend i had an experience where my Response Time jumped from under 1 second to 120 seconds. My Transfer speed dropped dramatically from approx 290kb/s avg to under 1 kb/s.

      I found all that great info on the monitor report. The problem is that in the HTTP monitor i dont see any options to monitor the site based on Response time or Transfer Speed.

      If anyone has suggestions or knows the best way to do this I would appreciate the advice.



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          Being alerted based on response time would be something you'd have to create an alert for in the Advanced Alert Manager

          If you'd like to monitor the transfer speed of your website I'd recommend using the Download Speed component monitor.

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              Thanks for the response

              I tried looking for the Advanced Alert Manager but i did not find it - I am running   Ipmonitor v 10 build 1371

              If you could tell me where i can find the screen you attached that would be great.

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                  The screen above is from ORION APM and has no IPMONITOR equivalent AFAIK.

                  For the response time, you can try setting the maximum test duration down to something like 5-10 seconds. The monitor will go to lost instead of down, but should achieve the same end result.

                  You may also want to set up the same monitor using HEAD which uses less bandwidth. That way, you can see the difference between failures due to slow target server vs. slow connection to the server. Not really a great option, but might be enough to help.

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                      Hi Paul_H Thanks for the response


                      I have added the max test duration to 10 seconds , I think this will work for the time being. 

                      Its dissapointing though that obviously the responsetime/transfer speed is collected by IPmonitor but we cannot use these for monitoring.


                      Thanks for your help!