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    Resource to monitor Orion services


      I would like to see Orion have a 'built in' resource that shows under the menu bar that would be a visual indicator that all Orion services are up and running. It could be a simple as a green icon if all are up, yellow if more than one service is stopped or red if down.

      This would be a great way for any user (esp. admin's) to know the health of Orion at a glance and not have to rely on email alerts or drill into APM.


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          How would you do that?

          Orion currently cannot detect itself that it is down... :P

          I cant even get an alarm if the Orion is down. If a service is down, yes... but as soon as the connection to the database gets lost for more than just a few seconds you cannot do anything. only thing you can do is manually check if everything is up by checking the last database update and the APM-monitors.

          If you just want to show the status of the APM-monitor you can create a small map resource on that page that has just one small icon with the status of the orion server...