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    Network wide summary - with view limitation - Major flaw in NPM


      Hi forum

      hoping someone can help, and hoping the Solarwinds geeks will chip in.

      firstly, hi..  been a while since my last post...  

      My colleague and I are trying to work out a way to automate network wide summary reports, i.e. use views, to email out pretty graphs of network summary date (1 month, 3 month etc). 

      I have a multi tenanted system, i.e. i monitor lots of customers from a single NPM installation.  I want to be able to create network summary reports for a specific customers data, or maybe a report for each of that customers business unit.  now for the fun bit...  i have just had confirmation that the NPM website runs a full network wide summary report of ALL nodes, and then limits the view to the selected nodes...

      I have thousands of nodes, and it is expected to grow to 10-20k over the years i have it in place.  The current report/view i need is for 10 nodes, and i have around 4 summary graphs on it.  each one runs a report for the ENTIRE node set, and then limits the display for each chart, independently, and displays the limited data.

      This means that the view nearly always times out, so scheduling it never works, as it will not wait long enough for the data to process

      Can someone tell me if Solarwinds are going to switch this around?  i.e. limit the data collection before collecting the data for the view?  It is totally back to front and un-scalable!!  This is urgent for me, so any help you can give me would be super!

      Only other option is to dump the views, and hire in a reporting services expert to get around it