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    High Availability or Failover Options

      We currently have 7 geographic locations for our business.  At our main facility (we'll call it Facility A), we have an Orion NPM server and a clustered SQL database.  At another facility (we'll call it Facility B), we have an Orion NPM server that writes to a local SQL express instance (on the same server as the Orion NPM install).  

      Currently, each Orion NPM server runs completely independent of the other.  If I add a server/node on one NPM, I have to do the same to the other.  Additionally, if I change the map, alerts, etc on one NPM server, I have to make the same changes on the other NPM server.  The reason for both NPM servers is if we lose connectivity to Facility A (MPLS circuit goes down for whatever reason), we will still get alerts from our NPM server at Facility B.  

      My question is...is there a way to centralize the management so we only need to make changes to ONE Orion NPM server?  The only option I can think of is to mirror the databases.  However, that involves a significant cost since we would have to purchase a SQL Server license for Facility B (instead of using the free Express version).  

      Any suggestions, ideas, etc are welcomed.  Thanks!