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    NTA 3.7 indexing taking days

      Hi guys,


      Just updated to NPM v10 SP1 OK, and then upgraded to NTA 3.7.  This was over a week ago and the indexing is still running, is that normal?

      Is it easier to just kill off the old netflow data and start fresh or something?  I rebooted the server about a day or so into the indexing (not realising it was still indexing) in an attempt to fix the lack of Netflow information popping up in NPM.  Maybe this corrupted something?

      Roughly around 300-400 netflow interfaces being monitored.

      SQL is running on a SAN etc.


      Cheers for any help :)

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          Hi Bizarro,

          indexing of your DB very probably finished much quicker, but then something went wrong with reporting of progress of indexing. We already went over few similar cases, so you can submit support ticket and your case should be resolved quickly.

          For quicker assistance, you can try to look to NTA log - %ProgramData%\Solarwinds\Logs\NTA\NTA.BusinessLayer.log (older logs are in the same folder) and if you can see messages about repeatable starting and stoping of service, copy-paste here error message(s) between some start and stop and we can try to advice how to solve this.