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    VIM Beta - Guests Missing Info


      We added a single ESX host.  When we click on a virutal machine in the list of VMs, the Node Details page has a couple of strange things happening.

      At the very top of the page it says "Node Details -  - Virtual Machine hosted by" - So it reports the IP address not the actual host name and it does not report back which ESX host it is running on.  Perhaps since it is not pointing at vcenter?

      All VMs show 0 for Packet Loss and for CPU Load & Memory Used when looking at the Guages, but the Reponse Time & Packet Loss chart show data.    The CPU Load chart shows "No data for the selected time period".  We've been collecting data for 6 hours now.

      Node details is missing some info - Machine Type, Operating System, Hardware (Shows "Physical").

      "Current Percent Utilization of Each Interface" and "Disk Volumes" charts show nothing.

      We did not add the VM in to NPM before it was discovered with the Virt Beta.


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          Hello John,

          guest systems are kind of complicated to poll. We can get all info for ESXs using VMware API but this is not the case for guest system. Guest system have to be monitored as standard node using SNMP to get all data because you need to monitor Operating system directly. If you have guest system added only as ICMP node, some info is not available. Try to set it up as SNMP and see if it helps.

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              Jiří, what you are saying makes sense, but some of the issues I pointed out seem to indicate that NPM does indeed already have the information.  For instance, when we are looking at the ESX host, it has the names of the guests, but when drilling down into a guest, the name changes to an ip address and the managed by host shows blank.  Also, the OS is listed on the overview, but not on the node details.

              I'd rather not have SNMP running on every guest if I can avoid it.