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    Ipam 1.7 - minor issues with DHCP server and "alert"



      Just upgraded to v1.7, and it was smooth sailing.

      I do have a few issues, that i need to pickup with support:

      My DHCP server (Win2k8) is not shown in the DHCP server list, however adding it again is impossible, as it´s allready there... ?

      I get this alert in my last events on the NPM summary page "The MAC Address from 'SNMP scan' doesn't match with 'Dhcp server' for IP Address: 'xx.xx.xx.xx'  Even i do see this as a rather nice feature, i´d like to be able to turn it on / off  - Or select another action, than to flod my last xx events with this type of "alert"  I don´t see any way of handling this, but i´m guessing i´m missing something ?

      I like you guys to create new examples of alerts that we can use - but i hate when they are "forced" to show up on the last xx events

      Someone able to assist on this ?