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    Moxa NPort + SNMPv3



      I have a problem with interoperability between Orion NPM and Moxa NPort terminal servers with SNMPv3 enabled.

      I simplified a problem and checked:

       * SNMPv3 NoAuthNoPriv - NPM work, net-snmp work,

       * SNMPv3 AuthNoPriv - NPM doesn't work, net-snmp work,

       * SNMPv3 AuthPriv - NPM doesn't work, net-snmp work,

      So there is no connectivity issue etc., because noAuthNoPriv works. Credentials etc. are correct and are as simple as possible.

      Quick look at Wireshark dump shows that NPM sends get-request with no EngineID and no EngineTime. Moxa sends report with EngineID and EngineTime filled. Unfortunately second get-request from NPM doesn't include reported EngineTime. EngineID in second get-request is correct. Without correct EngineTime in second get-request, snmp agent on Moxa cannot verify if request is within 150 sec. anti-reply time frame. Net-SNMP sets EngineTime correctly so snmp agent responses with proper data in all modes.

      Strange thing is that in noAuthNoPriv mode, NPM sets correct EngineTime in second get-request and snmp agent response with proper data.


      Does someone have similar issue?


      Thanks in advance.