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    Tuning Orion Alerts from SCOM MP

      We have a bit of a problem with tuning the SCOM alerts that we're getting from the Orion management pack.  We have installed the SCOM MP for Orion and everything is working great. 

      The only problem is that every time an interface for a device hits any kind of warning threshold (eg. bandwidth % used > 80%), the Orion MP raises an alert in SCOM.  This sounds like reasonable behavior.  However, the problem for us is that an alert is raised even if the condition only occurs for one polling interval; in other words, when the condition only occurs for a few seconds.

      The big question for us is, is there any way to change the behavior of the Orion MP so that an alert is raised when a threshold is exceeded for a given period of time, eg. 5 minutes or so?  I noticed that overrides can be set for some of the alerts, eg. the % bandwidth used threshold can be adjusted from the default of 80%.  However, I haven't found any way to achieve what I've described above.

      Is this possible?  Also, are there any kind of 'deep' tuning options for the Orion MP?  Eg. can we raise alerts when an interface exceeds its 95th percentile usage?  Can we do any statistical baselining? I know that this functionality is possible with SCOM itself, but it just doesn't look like we're given very much in terms of being able to customize the behavior of the Orion MP.

      If tuning the MP isn't possible, is there any way we can do some tuning on the Orion side of things and have the SCOM MP pick up the configuration?  Any insight?  Thanks for the help!