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    Interfaces transmit over 100% utilization


      I'm being asked by management why they see alerts for Interfaces that transmit over 100% of their utilization. I believe that they're trying to somehow compare this to the sum of the transmit / receive data from our Cisco-device interfaces and it's not adding up. In some cases, we see the percentage go up to 133%.

      I sense that there's growing distrust of this product if they can’t figure it out. Can someone provide a laymen-terms explanation of what happens when an interface exceeds 100% utilization?

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          Change the interface bandwidth to actual and this will be sorted. This is not an issue within SW. This is due to wrong bandwidth details input. Eg: say the int bandwidth is 100MBPS but only assigned as 10MBPS then when the transmit hits 13.3MBS it would alert you saying 133% utilisation.

          Solution is to manually edit the int bandwith by clicking on editing interface properties on Orion.