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    Storage Profiler Windows agent not working



      We're evaluating Storage Profiler and I have it installed and running, I can see the local server, Netapp filers, Virtual Center, etc.  I have also installed an agent on a fileserver, but it is apparently not talking to the profiler server.  It does not show up under server and nas groups.  I can connect to port 4319 on the profiler server from the fileserver, so I know it's not being blocked by a firewall.  Any ideas?


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          Is the ProfilerAgent service on the fileserver running? If yes, it sounds like an agent registraion issue. More than likely the Profiler EventReceiver service has bound to non standard port because of a port conflict. Check the Settings --> Profiler Server section, then Server Setup:All, then click on the Server tab and note the SNMP Trap Port. Then edit the core.xml file that you can locate directly under the Agent install directory, and change 162 to match the SNMP Trap Port.