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    Dell Open Manager and Cisco stats "out of the box" should be better?


      I've been using Orion NPM for years and it is so fustrating that I still have to use MIB walks etc to get the OID's and then create the UDP's to get basic info.  

      We need Orion NPM to import out of the box basic stuck like:

      Dell servers and Equallogic SANs:


      Disks health

      RAID types configured and health

      Monitor the IOPS with alerts and graphs (take a look at Dell Equallogics SAN head quarters it's free and amazing)


      Individual port stats/errors like collisions, late collisions, CRC etc so we can get alerted on duplex issues.

      Current VLAN and trunk, Etherchannels configured


      Why not have import the Dell and Cisco Visio stencils too, so when you add a server for example you can "see" the server and disks showing as green and healthy ect.

      I'm sure all this  would be a good selling point as most admin guys prefer 1-2 utilities to manage a network rather that 6-7.