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    Plugin for Users in another server


      Hi all,

      I would like to know if there is a plugin or software that makes the following thing:

      - A sotware that installed on a secondary server, so that the main server is not charged, has a copy of Solarwinds and manages entries of users to the web map. The copy could be done every x minutes/seconds or thet could be none, and it could just manage user entries. The idea is to not overcharge the main server with several database entries because of a lot of users are making queries when they enter the web map.

      I would be very glad for help,

      Thanks a lot,



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          Hi Pablo,

          the problem is that the software would need to access the database anyhow, it could only buffer the changes which an SQL-server usually does automatically anyhow.

          There would be no benefit from such a program as people would want to see live graphs and not graphs from the last day.

          if orion seems slow you should probably analyze why that is so, maybe you can tweak the database, see if the performance of the underlying machine for sql is good enough, make sure you dont on-access-scan the inetpub folder, etc.