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    Detailed Report on WAN Traffic for a new network application

      I require a report that will identify what impact a new application using a specific port has on the bandwidth availability for that site. So for example I would need to report on:

      1) specific traffic port E.g. - TCP 1494 (CITRIX TRAFFIC - ICA)
      2) specific time - business hour times
      3) specific remote site - identify which site/s are using the application
      4) WAN bandwidth - reflect percentage and how much data consumed over wan bandwidth
      5) sampling rate - per min or the minimal that we can get as much detail as possible
      6) If possible show each user or device percentage used on the available bandwidth at the time

      Essentially i need this to provide accurate reporting on new applications introduced into our network so that i can say if that application will impact the site 512k/512k available bandwidth at most small sites.